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Picking up the best electric scooter for you is absolutely imperative – it’s a proper investment,
so you need something you’re going to want to ride and something that suits your needs.

We listen out what customers wants from the electric scooters. What they like, what they want
and what they need. There is right one for all users. Noxidi’s own models are build to last. Every
model are make to be best in the price class. No compromise.

Cause we like to offer solution for all the customers, we offer direct factory sale model from other manufacturers. This way we can compete with price and selection.

To help you decide what would be best for your need, we make electric scooter guide. Hope you find it helpful.

We will sell only in US and EU market areas. We apologize other customers, who we can’t serve.

Prices include delivery, but no local taxes.

Warranty is factory warranty for products.