Noxidi GT (Out of sale)

Noxidi GT is build to change the way e-scooters are used. Model really deserve Gran Tourismo name. Usually can ride inside city, GT can move between cities. You can ride 125 miles (200 km) with one charge using eco-mode. Or ride at full speed, 62 miles (100 km) in one hour. These all is made possible with 2 x 3500 watts motors, new designed controller and highest quality battery from LG, with 60 Ah capacity. Wheels are 13 inch, to a give smooth ride, but also to extend the range. Noxidi Tourismo offer same great driving experience, only range is 87 miles (140 km).


Dual front suspension is great, it takes you over small holes and stones nicely. Wide front light show you the way in the dark. Back light inform where you are driving.


Foldable handle bar help you to find best driving position for the long journey.


Foldable frame help to storage and transport GT.


Clear LCD display and voltage meter gives you information about speed, battery and let you select driving mode. Key is for protect e-scooter for unauthorized use.

Noxidi GT
GT is loaded with the latest features.


Technical specs

Range Charging time
125 miles (200 km) 8-14 hours
Top speed Battery
62 mph (100 km/h) 60 Ah LG (60V)
Climbing angle Size
45 degree 135 x 69 x 130 cm
Water proof Maximum load
IPX6 440 lbs (200 kg)
Weight  Motor(s)
154 lbs (70 kg) 2 x 3500W
1 x Noxidi GT Warranty
2 x Charger 1 year