Electric scooter guide

When you have decided to buy an electric scooter, think first what you do with it. Urban driving in the city, going to drive school or work, or are you going to use in as all-round moving. We collected some tips with the factors which can help you to choose right model.

lectric scooters have found a new circle of friends for 12-16 year old who used to want a moped. The electric scooter offers the same freedom of movement, at a significantly lower cost. The youngest start driving at the age of less than 12 years. Although in many countries there isn’t helmet obligation, we strongly recommend using it for your own safety. Other new user group are adult men, which haven’t had decent and strong boards available before. Now that problem is also solved out. Noxidi have models with powerful motors and big loading capacity, so they are no limitations to find ride for every one. The carbonless brushless engine is very maintenance-free, and the electricity as a power source is cheaper than gasoline. The electric scooter is also easy to take inside, so there is no need to worry about vandalism towards the driver. More and more popular is to use e-scooter for school and work trip, cause it’s fast and really low cost solution.

If you need a reliable transport to work or school, it’s wise to pick a model with a higher battery capacity and a light to carry. Frame should have folding function. There isn’t always change to load battery, and in some cases can’t left scooter outside. If like to ride at trail or use it for fun, then should also check that there is enough power, 1000 watts takes you up to the hills easily. Double motor is great combination of range and power. It runs normally with one motor. Push the eco/power button, and get double power output. Noxidi selection is made to meet all of these needs.

The weight limit doesn’t just mean rider weight, it also tell about frame. Most electric scooter can handle weight of adult. There are bigger riders who like to have trust for the frame. If rider weight 220 lbs (100 kg), it doesn’t give peace of mind if it’s also max load of the scooter.  Noxidi’s max load start from 330 lbs (150 kg), and end up to 660 lbs (300 kg). This isn’t just for carrying rider. This feature comes cause frames are designed for real life hard use. In real life, situations aren’t always optimal.

Electric scooter should have folding frame to make them easy to carry from place to place. Even if don’t need it daily basis, it makes life easier with scooter. When you need to storage it in smaller size, it takes just seconds to do it. Select lighter model if need to carry on it, like in work place stairs. Every Noxidi’s electric scooter have a folding frame.

eally important factor when selecting an electric scooter is it’s maximum range for one battery cycle. It free or limit usability of electric scooter, this is also expensive to make better after buying. It will be wise to concentrate on this factor when selecting electric scooter. Higher battery capacity (Ah), longer maximum range. We believe that 15 mile (24 km) range comes too short quickly, when get use to ride with the scooter. We take this seriously, all Noxidi’s models have real +30 mile (50 km) range.

Wheels should be selected to meet the electric scooter driving purpose. There are three types of wheels, rubber, inflatable and tubeless wheels. Some have full set of each type, some have combination. Tubeless wheels are made of durable material so there’s no danger of them getting punctured. Once they get worn, they need to be replaced. The advantage of inflatable wheels is that they will adjust to the road and better absorb shocks caused by an uneven terrain. Full rubber wheels is used mostly in cheaper boards, those just have change when there isn’t traction any more. Different size effect also steering, city scooter have usually 8-10 inch, bigger are used for trail and fun ride with powerful models. For better steering scooter can have shock absorber in front or in both wheel. It helps wheels to ride over bumps and make steering easier.

There are several options for an electric scooter’s braking system. Some models have an electric brake (EABS), to make braking smooth and more comfortable. There might also be a classic rear brake (either drum brake or disc brake) that is controlled by a lever on the handlebars. Like in cars, disc brakes usually are much better than drum brakes. Some models have a foot brake on the rear mudguard, allowing you to stop the scooter immediately.

An electric scooter’s drive is connected to the battery that powers it. The more powerful the motor, the better the riding experience. Motor output ranges between 250 and 5000 W. Motors with higher output are suitable for heavier users or riding on trails and uphills. Electric scooters runs either with chain drive or hub drive. Most manufacturers trust on hub drive, and it’s also service free solution.

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